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The Blueprint consultation ended Friday 10 December 2010

Welcome to ‘Blueprint’ your chance to help shape your community - our new consultation

Creating and keeping great places to live. Making sure that we have the jobs and services in the future, protecting our environment and having enough housing to maintain decent living standards. That is what long term planning is about – the future of our communities.

It is the Council’s job to take all these matters into account and to produce a set of policies which respond to the issues we face. Whilst we can be pleased to have increased local responsibility from the new coalition Government, it’s also a major challenge.

  • Looking ahead ten or even twenty years what kind of places do we want to live in?
  • How do we allow them to change?
  • What matters most as we look into the future at the social and economic issues that affect us?

It’s a task we need to take very seriously and with an open mind. It cannot be right only to think about our own immediate interests or views. We have to think ahead and question the assumptions we might normally make. Because if we don’t get our planning right, the consequences may not only damage us but they may damage the communities we thought we were protecting.

The City Council has to produce its new plan, the local development framework, next year because all of its old planning policies are getting out of date. We’ve called the process ‘Blueprint’ because the plan is just that - the instructions and guidance that will shape what our communities will look like in the future.

The “Blueprint” process aims to capture solutions for local communities. It begins on 4 October 2010 and runs until 10 December 2010. After that we will consider all the comments made and prepare a draft local development framework for consultation in 2011.

To give focus and shape to Blueprint, and to give a starting point for discussion we’d like you to consider the future of six ‘characters’ that we’ve created specially. People like these characters live in almost every community. Not exactly like them of course, but we think you’ll recognise them. We’ve created them because they’re the kind of people who want a future in our communities and on whom our communities depend. They may not be like you – but we invite you to consider their situation rather than your own as a focus for the discussion.

Put yourself in their place; debate the issues from their perspective. Of course you’ll use your own knowledge and have your own concerns but try to apply them to these people as well. All responses need to be returned to the City Council by 10 December 2010.

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