You can download the entire contents of the Blueprint from this page.

How To and Feedback Forms

This provides you with everything you need to know about how to play Blueprint. Also included are the feedback forms you need in order to tell us your thoughts.

Data Set 1 - Character Profiles

This set includes a general description about each character and a few details about how much these people earn, and how much they would need to borrow to purchase a property locally etc. There is also a blank template for you to create your own character typical of where you live.

Data Set 2 - Character Feedback

This set includes blank feedback sheets for each character so that you can record your discussions and any conclusions about each character's needs over the next 20 years or so.

Data Set 3 - Diagrams

These diagrams will help you think about how people's circumstances change over time/ They include; a typical life cycle in terms of the types of property you may live in and aspire to; an employment ladder indicating how earnings and jobs influence other life choices; and a social network to illustrate a broad range of other factors which we may wish to have access to and which may impact on our well-being.

Data Set 4 - Winchester District Profile

This profile can be used when you are playing Blueprint with a group made up of people from across the District. You can download other Parish profiles from the Parish Profile page.

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